When to Apply for a Certificate of Appropriateness

Before a zoning or building permit can be issued for exterior work within the New Hope Borough Historic District, a “Certificate of Appropriateness” is required.

Activities Requiring a Certificate

The following activities within the Historic District require a Certificate of Appropriateness reviewed by HARB and approved by Borough Council.

  • Demolition of a building or structure
  • Relocation of a building or structure
  • Construction or re-construction that would involve additions, replacement, rehabilitation, restoration, or any other change, including painting, to the exterior facade of a building or structure
  • Changes or additions to existing signage or exterior lighting
  • Changes or additions to existing fencing or other architectural landscaping features
  • Changes or additions to buildings or structures within the Historic District, but not of historic significance, must be reviewed by HARB. Work on these buildings, including modifications, improvements, or additions, must be consistent with the building's existing architectural style and compatible with other structures within the Historic District